thewritersramblings → I don't know if you've addressed it before (most likely) but comments on the aesthetics of the wardrobe/costume choices/designs in Thor + Thor 2? (basically how they chose to outfit Norse gods+goddesses).


man i love it when people give me opportunities to ramble at length about this franchise i love with all my black heart


  • first things first - asgardian armor is not functional. it is not realistic, and in a lot of ways it isn’t even practical. these are the outfits that we see thor, loki, the royal family in particular, and the inner circle in most frequently - sif and her metal armor even indoors, thor’s chainmail, loki in his. what this serves, then, is ceremony. their armor is ceremonial but it ties into their status and their power. thor’s armor is the first thing that odin strips when he takes away thor’s powers - which gives the sense that not only is the most functional part of the armor mostly ceremonial - since he favors bare arms when he isn’t being presented in court, or like, cold - but it is also somehow tied into his godhood. so therefore, we have a case where aesthetics literally ties into the metaphysical status of the wearer. a+ branagh.
  • now on to loki (i’ll talk about thor 2 later) as you may have guessed, loki is my favorite dude to talk about in terms of costuming, because he is a vain motherfucker who knows how to apparate clothing in and out of the ether, which means that how he looks in any given situation is exactly what he wants you to see. on earth he is a sharp dressed man - favors dolce&gabbana and very, very sharp tailoring, also scarfs for accent - but most interestingly: loki’s armor, especially, is not functional. in the avengers, he’s obviously gone a very very far route from where he’s come; fully rocking the nirvana emo god look, battleworn metal and a much more aggressive silhouette. but: his throat is exposed, he wears a spaulder over one shoulder despite him never handling close range weapons, woven leather for flexibility, vambraces obviously for decoration rather than protection, no back protection and a thin ring of gold in place of a real chestplate. his horns are much more menaching and bigger, but most of all - how he looks: namely, alien, fey, aggressive and incredibly physical in that he is literally eating up your space as he advances towards you completely sells him, despite the ridiculous cartoony look, as a god-king come down to tyrannize for your own good. everything is wider, taller, broader than in thor, where he was designed to be as tapering and small as possible next to hemsworth - not easy, considering that he’s actually older and around the same height - whereas this one, he’s trying to impose the sheer might of his personality on you, in trying to emulate the warrior ideal.
  • one of the great things in alan taylor helming thor 2 and trying to bring that game of thrones grittiness to asgard (apart from the gold corroding and then RAGNAROK) is the aesthetic changes in costuming. game of thrones, despite its huge plot failures recently, is great in terms of worldbuilding because of its attention to detail - the lannisters favor gold and red (cersei, in particular, had dresses in the early two seasons that looked quite byzantine) the tyrells blue in materials that look like silk and brocade which ties well into its eastern region, the starks in heavy furs because winter is coming, and dany across the narrow sea has dresses that look in turn persian and greco-roman. a lot of that organic aesthetic you can see from the trailer already - the drapery of thor’s blue cloak (HAVE I TALKED ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE THE THOR CAPE DEPARTMENT) the tarnishing of the silver disks into bronze on thor’s armor (now a lot more functional thanks to the crotch flap. but the throat is still exposed.) sif’s furs where she glares at hopefully loki, jane’s dark blue draped cloak which looks quite sage-like. most of all - frigga’s dress in her one shot, which has cersei lannister-esque armor layered over it. the thing that they are getting is that you need to peel back the gold from asgard, in realizing that it’s not the realm of the gods, only of men who fancy themselves god. underneath that there is still dirt.
  • complaints i do have: sif’s boob armor. NO. NO NO NO. WE DON’T NEED THAT SHIZ I FUCKING HATE BOOB ARMOR SO MUCH SHOOT ME KILL ME WITH A SPORK. also her hair being let down; one of the best things about the first film was that she, out of almost all the rest, has functional armor and hair that is up and out of her face (still grabbed easily, but meh) and now she has boob armor and loose hair? thank god there’s no cleavage but.
  • lastly but not least - the braid. odin has one, sif has one, thor has one, loki in that one picture has one. i’ve read here that braids can mark the person as being a warrior - ‘you’ve no right to a braid, you’ve won no victories yet.’ - and can mark the passing of a loved one. i trust the production team on this, mostly because wow can you imagine the heartbreak if they wore these braids to remember frigga? but also because the costuming department clearly worked in thor’s vambraces in the avengers to remember loki. so i trust them with this.

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Ancient Greek black figure pottery-inspired nails, featuring Theseus facing the Minotaur on one hand, and Oedipus pondering the riddle of the Sphinx on the other. Matte finish for an extra pottery-ish look!

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automatonic → Justice

If you could be a super hero (or villain) what would you call yourself and what powers would you have?

Oooo that’s a tough one. I would for sure want to be able to fly, that is my number one priority…hmm, can I have some telekinesis too? Like moving things with my brain? Because I like that too.

I could call myself..oh man I don’t know! I think something to do with a bird because I can fly, like..Lady Hawk or Sparrow or something like that? A bird of prey because they are my favorite.

Yeah that’s my superhero persona


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Tarot asks
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yesway-appianway replied to your post “Oh no there was a couple girls in my last class talking about…”

eww why I hate hearing people talk about things I like because I always end up disagreeing but then you can’t argue with them

ugh I know I can’t stand it. And the two people she was talking to seemed to disagree but she is kinda overbearing and pretty much shut down whatever they were saying. I just….She is getting on my nerves, thank the gods that school is almost over

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Oh no there was a couple girls in my last class talking about supernatural and one of them was saying things like how she thinks Jensen is a terrible name and that Jensen and Jared have the same eye color and that Jensen is a much better actor than Jared and that Misha is a bad actor and Cas is a horrible character and I was just so mad and I just sat there fuming and oh my gods no how could you possibly say those things I’m pissed off

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I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!





I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!


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welp. I just got back from pulling garlic mustard out of a park for an hour and a half

happy earth day

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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.










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"This is the journey of a man, who has yet to realise his destiny…"


"This is the journey of a man, who has yet to realise his destiny…"

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Concept Art from Prince of Egypt (1998)

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